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Starting from luxurious leisure to a cool pool time in the hot summer days- the swimming pool is the place where we spend a great time. To maintain the pool ambiance, we need to take care of the cleanliness of the pool. This post talks about all those quick details that you should know about great swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix. Let’s check them out.

Cleaning Of Small Children’s Pools
In small and shallow children’s pools, we can change the water almost every day. It is important to check that insects, leaves or other debris don’t fall into the pool. To prevent this, after swimming, cover the pool with a special cover or a large and durable foil.

For larger pools, it’s a good idea to invest in a water vacuum cleaner that will remove algae and other debris. It is also worth buying a pool strainer and pool chemicals that will maintain the proper pH of the water and disinfect it.

Cleaning Of Large Pools

Rack or expansion pools hold huge amounts of water. We don’t change it often. To keep these types of pools clean without calling a professional agency for swimming pool maintenance Phoenix, follow the down mentioned tricks.
phoenix pool maintenance Arrange Pumps with Filter
Filter pumps come with a swimming pool while you install it. When unfolding the pool, be sure to install a device that catches most of the pollution from the pool. For the sake of safety, keep in mind that you must not enter the pool when the filter pump is connected to a power source.

Chemical Treatment for pools
For water treatment in expansion and rack basins, you need some chemicals. Chlorine is the most commonly used substance. When using chlorine tablets, it is worth investing in a dispenser that will float over the surface of the pool and gradually dissolve the tablets. Chlorine limits the growth of algae and kills dangerous bacteria that quickly multiply in stagnant water.

To keep the pool in good condition, we must constantly take care of the water level. It is important to carry out processes that prevent fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms from developing in the water. Pool water should also be overcharged from time to time because the sudden increase in chlorine content eliminates microorganisms that occur in pool water. Chlorination to a breakpoint that helps to solve the problem of chlorine bound in the pool water. When you notice the color or turbidity of the pool water, you should go for using shock chlorination. It will help to achieve the desired effect of crystal-clear water.
If you hire the professional services of swimming pool maintenance Phoenix, they will do the shock chlorine treatment to clean the pool. It will help you to get the best results of a proficient swimming pool cleaning service. Let check out how it works.

Shock Chlorine Treatment – What Does It Mean?
A large number of people in the pool or hot weather can cause the pool water to turn greenish or emit an intense chlorine odor and irritate the eyes. This phenomenon is caused by the formation of chloramine – this means that the water is not sufficiently disinfected. In this condition, you should perform shock disinfection. To be safe, shock chlorination should be carried out at least once a month or, depending on your needs, more often. They are carried out with chlorine agents using increased dosages.
Is it Necessary to Use Chlorine?
The correct pH value for the pool water is between 7.0 and 7.4. A constant increase in the pH level in the pool water is quite natural. This is the reason to use a pH lowering agent. You should regularly check the pH of the water with a tester and correct its value with appropriate means.

After shock chlorination, you’ll be able to notice the changes in the appearance of water. The total consumption of added chemicals occurs after a few hours – depending on several factors like water temperature, pH or water circulation.

Sometimes, after this treatment, the water remains slightly cloudy. In this case, you need to check the pH again and correct it if necessary. Then you can switch to normal filtration mode. In most cases, the water returns to the desired state after a few days.

Shock chlorination will have a satisfactory effect if we use good quality chemical products. Chlorination specifics are available in the form of granules, tablets, and powder and more.

Apart from chlorine, there are many other solutions available on the market that are efficient in treating water, maintain its transparency and prevent the intense growth of algae and bacteria. Their selection depends on, the materials from which the pool surface is made.

pool-mainteance-phoenix Chlorine Products That are Used for Pool maintenance in Phoenix
Chlorine-based products improve water quality quickly and efficiently. They are efficient in removing turbidity and bacterial contamination. In a properly maintained pool, good quality chlorine doesn’t emit an unpleasant smell.

When chlorinating, remember about safety – don’t forget your protective gloves and dispensing products.

However, while using pool chemicals, we should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations thoroughly.
Determine the water parameters using the test strips. If the pH value deviates from the value (between 7.2 and 7.6),
How to Clean Green Water Of A Swimming Pool
1. The possible causes of green water in swimming pools are…
• Traces of iron in the filling water (yellow-green water).
• Presence of copper (turquoise-green water
• Sometimes the presence of active oxygen
• Storm, poor water disinfection, too much pH.
• Too much cyanotic acid
For cleaning, you should first determine the water parameters using the test strips. If the pH value deviates from the value (between 7.2 and 7.6), follow the steps…
• pH-plus Interline for too low Ph value
• pH-minus Interline for the too high level of pH.
• Set the pH value at 7.0-7.04
• Filter for 10 minutes

2. Once done, you need to perform shock chlorination with Interline shock chlorine and put the coagulants into the skimmer.

3. Now, you need to start the pressure pump until the water is no longer green. Clean the filter as it gets dirty.

4. Experts of pool maintenance in Phoenix recommend the use of anti-algae Interline every 5-7 days. Set the filter to backwash if possible. When the pool is not in use, put the lid on.

5. Leave the filtration system turned on continuously for 1-2 days

6. Finally, when the pool is not in use, put the lid on.

Hope this post helps! Now keep your favorite pool clean and maintained whenever you feel the need for the same. If DIY is not your cup of tea, go for professional swimming pool maintenance in Phoenix. To get quotes and take an idea about pool maintenance Phoenix cost, feel free to reach us…we’ll be more than happy to help!