Want to have the maximum fun in the hot sunny summer days? Of course, you can do that by dipping yourself in the swimming pool, however, to enhance the essence of the enjoyment, you must take care of the overall wellness of your home fun zone.
Over time, the surface of the pool gets damaged and there is a lot of reason behind the same. Those chemicals that we use during the process of water cleaning and various weather elements are some of them. If you notice that the color of the pool liner looks stained or discolored, you might need to resurface the swimming pool. If the surface of your pool is made of concrete or fiberglass, you can fix it by yourself. For other surfaces, you need to call a professional agency dealing in Pool resurfacing in Phoenix.



You have to understand that prices may vary from one job to another but just to give you some info on this:

If you resurface your swimming pool by yourself or get it done by a professional phoenix pool resurfacing company, there is, of course, some cost associated with the same. Discoloration cracks on the surface are the indicators of the fact that your pool needs a resurfacing. The earlier, you notice the same, the more saving you can do on the total resurfacing budget.
At the early stage, with DIY, it will take around $5-$10, however, if you need to hire a pro, the cost will go somehow around $450-750 depending on the damage.


Since all pools are different and have different needs, we are willing to send out one of our experienced staff to evaluate your pool and give you recommendations on services or repairs. Give us a call today!


To resurface a pool, the primary materials that you’ll need depends on the pool surface. For some, just a few coats of paints work well, for the others some comparatively expensive materials are required. However, if we talk about DIY, the epoxy coating is the best way. If you hire a professional company for pool resurfacing in Phoenix, they will prepare the list of the right products for you.
So, to coat with epoxy, you need
● Pool-specific color
● Brush
● Underwater Pool Patching
● Sand Paper
● Roller

How To Resurface?

● To start resurfacing, first, drain the pool water. However, before doing this, don’t forget to check with your local government, since in some provinces, it is strictly prohibited. Once you get confirmation of the same, you can rent a pump and do the job with ease.
● After draining the water, clean the surface of the pool. However, you should keep in mind that only fiber and concrete pools can be pressure washed, for any other surface, you will need professional help since they require thorough cleaning with chemicals.
● After cleaning, use sandpaper to remove old paint stains and apply the desired coats of epoxy paint. Let it dry well.

Your pool is now ready and you can enjoy a cool summer in it. If you feel that DIY is not your cup of tea, feel free to reach us today! Being a pro in pool resurfacing in Phoenix, we would love to serve you with a quality pool resurfacing service.

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I wanna thank you guys for fixing my pool last month in downtown Phoenix,since then the pool works and looks great. My kids are so happy playing and swimming in it.
Bob White
Hey its Denise , you guys did a small repair on my pool opening this summer and I cant thank you enough , since then my summer was amazing doing nice barbecue parties around the pool. Thanks Again!
Denise Jameson