Swimming pools are the most desired corner of spending luxurious leisure for almost everyone. Every pool, from the simplest to the most luxurious, whether it’s a fiber pool, a vinyl or even a plastic pool, with fountains and water mirrors, requires minimum maintenance. No one has never dreamed of resting on a deck with a lounger. But, have you considered how to clean the pool? Bought a house and have no idea how to restore pool water? We have prepared a step by step to guide that answers all your questions regarding pool cleaning service in Phoenix, and teach you how to clean the pool once and for all.



So you think you can do the cleaning yourself or better yet leave us to do it at a cheap rate?

You can use the pool water for a long time and you can even recover the most deteriorated water. However, it is always better to clean the pool periodically so that the task doesn’t look much complicated.

Pool Cleaning Materials:

● Long broom
● Pool Cleaning Brush
● Pool Decanter
● Chlorine

Filter Cleaning

The very first step is to clean the skimmer, a device that is on the side of the pool. It can pick up dirt that is on the surface of the water, such as small insects, flowers and leaves. If the pool has this device, it is necessary to empty the dirt tank manually. You need to clean it regularly.

It is also necessary to clean the pump pre-filter. But always remember to turn off the filtration system before accessing the prefilter!

Clean the Surface

Use the long handle sieve to remove the larger dirt from the water surface such as insects, flowers, leaves, and other visible debris. The sieve net should be more closely meshed to catch even the smallest bits. For best effects, don’t hesitate to hire a professional pool cleaning service in Phoenix.

Coating and Brushing

The fourth step is to clean the pool liner by removing algae buildup and sticky debris. Brushing also prevents the formation of stains and is great for making tiles and tablets always beautiful and well cared. Brushing is suitable for surfaces such as vinyl, fiber, stones, and wood. Make sure that the brush is soft so that it doesn’t damage or scratch the coating.

Pool Aspiration

The aspiration phase requires patience and care. It is the most delicate phase in pool cleaning. After brushing the pool, you may need to use a pool decanter, a product that solidifies the finest dirt and takes it to the bottom, making vacuuming necessary.

Chemical water treatment

If you want to know how to clean a quality pool, chemical treatment is also important. Composed by chlorination, water PH control, and alkalinity control, this process will leave the pool water treated and suitable for constant use.

Hope this helps! Now clean up your favorite pool whenever you want, if you feel the need for the assistance of a professional Phoenix pool cleaning service, feel free to reach us! We’ll be more than happy to help.


Since all pools are different and have different needs, we are willing to send out one of our experienced staff to evaluate your pool and give you recommendations on our services. Give us a call now!